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GES Coast Salish Art Exhibition


During the week of May 14th to 20th, GES was treated to a Coast Salish Art Exhibition facilitated by Mr. Guzek. Each class was invited to gather around the fire and learn more about Coast Salish art design, some prominent artists, the significance of spindle whorls and what the experience of an art show is like. Eighteen original prints, donated to the school district, were on display by 8 different artists including the likes of Susan Point, Johnny Maynard Jr., the Marston brothers, and lessLIE.

A massive thank you to Jacob R. (Div. 13), Bastian P. (Div. 1), Mario MB. (Div. 1) and Lincoln B. (Div. 1) for their help in putting up and taking down the show.

Enjoy the photos below from this amazing art show!

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