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Excellence in all we do

Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

Name Division Grade Email
Lynn Duncan Division 1 Grade 6/7
Sue Fitchell Division 1 Grade 6/7
Eric Sullivan Division 2 Grade 6/7
Colleen Hourigan Division 3 Grade 5/6
Derek Angelus Division 3, 5 Grade 5/6, 4/5
Jessica Stephens-Whale Division 4 Grade 5/6
Correen Evans Division 6 Grade 4/5
Rachel Soepboer Division 7 Grade 3/4
Laurie Davis Division 8 Grade 3/4
Michelyn Stevens Division 9 Grade 3/4
Kathleen Wood Division 10 Grade 2/3
Ailish McCord Division 11 Grade 2/3
Dianne Bushell Division 13 Grade 1
Brandee Kennedy Division 14 Grade K/1
Melissa Thompson Division 15 Kindergarten
Sylvia Kopeck Division 16 Kindergarten
Tricia Sullivan Division 16 Kindergarten

Support Teachers

Name Role Email
Nicole Zilkie Support Services Teacher
Ronald Fremont Resource Room Teacher
Daniella DeNora Resource Room Teacher
Lynne Thomas Resource Room Teacher
Amy Brooks Reading Support Teacher
Colleen Hourigan Teacher Librarian
Derek Angelus Teacher Librarian
Steve Karagianis Music Teacher - Intermediate
Aaron Beckingham Band and Choir
Gustav Guzek Music Teacher - Primary, School Counsellor, Indigenous Education Teacher

Support Staff

Name Role
Heather Beamish Education Assistant
Carolynn Browton Education Assistant
Donna Gillespie Education Assistant
Ericka Howse Education Assistant
Christina Knox Education Assistant
Kelly Lewis Education Assistant
Suzanne Matovic Education Assistant
Laura Semaniuk Education Assistant
Elaine Tattrie Education Assistant
Julie Tattrie Education Assistant
Jessica Camp Child Care Worker

Office Staff

Name Role Email
Deborah Luporini Principal
Marnie Marshall Administrative Assistant
Verona Trincabelli Office Assistant
Shelley Herrling Office Assistant, Library Clerk
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